Umbrella Stands

umbrella standsVisitors to your office or home are bound to be impressed by these elegant umbrella stands. Their strong, sleek and clean frame with a black or grey finish gives them the style and elegance that other umbrella stands are missing.

Your foyer is the first and last area of an office or home that visitors and customers will see, leaving a lasting impression upon their minds. It may be what welcomes your visitors and what bids farewell. Its the home's entry, an area where clutter can occur quickly especially in the winter or the rainy season when wet and cold weather calls for heavy coats and umbrellas. Often these items are thrown wherever there is a space clogging the area close to the door.

umbrella standsUnless you live in a desert, you will keep your umbrellas in the foyer where they are handy. With an umbrella stand in the entrance way, you will add an element of elegance and functional appeal. Since your goal should be to keep things simple, a highly decorative or distinctive umbrella stand should work quite nicely even in a minimally decorated space. It can liven things up without overwhelming a small or even cramped space. Also, because many umbrellas are basic in design, a beautiful stand will hide, or disguise, the plain black nylon, leaving only the sturdy wooden or black handles visible.

Our umbrella stands come in two styles:the MCU model (lef) which can hold as many as 6 umbrellas, and the LAU (top) which can hold up to eight umbrellas.

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