Frequently Asked Questions

office accessories 1.) Custom Shapes & Sizes

Custom sizes are not a problem. Price is usually based on the next standard size up. Please call for a quotation.

Most custom shapes can be supplied, but there are limitations. Please fax or email your specifications. Extra costs are dependent upon whether special dies are needed or not.

2.) C.O.M.

C.O.M.'s are welcome. Material can be leather or vinyl. The cost is based on the Vinyl prices.

3.) Material Used

The vinyl we use is an upholstery-weight vinyl (Morbern Ambassador) . The appearance and feel of this vinyl is very close to that of leather; in fact, most of our customers cannot tell the difference.

The Ambassador Vinyl is distributed by Triden. If you do not have a colour card in your library, call Triden and they will be happy to send one out to you. Toronto - (416) 291-2955 or 1-800-268-5519

Our standard colour supplied for both vinyl and leather is black. There is no minimum quantity for vinyl in colours other than black, just a 10% surcharge.

We are now using Blackstock Leather for the black leather desk pads. If colour is required, you can specify any supplier but be aware that we do have to purchase complete hides so the number of pads amortized over this cost does become a factor. Please call for a quotation. If you are trying to match leather used in the seating, we can usually pick up the leather from the seating manufacturer in order to get an exact match.

4.) Embossing and Hot Stamping

No problem - the price is $300.00 list for up to 24 units. Extra units are $2.00 list ea. This includes the die, set-up and stamping. Colours for hot stamping usually are Gold and Silver. We can supply colour samples for any other requirement.

If the impression contains fine detail, we may have to use a bronze die. The price then could go from $300.00 to possibly $500.00. Please fax or email a picture of the intended impression.

All we require to proceed is camera-ready art.

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